11th of 12 Short Movies: “Choo Choo”

My 11th short movie out of 12 this year was shot in two Countries Laos and Thailand called “Choo Choo.” My friend Matt starred in it and we based it on a true story that he experienced. I’ll explain more after you watch it so it doesn’t give any of the story away.


Originally Matt and I traveled to Chaing Rai, Thailand to shoot a scene at the amazing White Temple. The short was originally called “The White Monk” and was going to be an action movie. But after Chaing Rai we realized we were right at the border of Laos and made a last minute trip there. While we were on a two day slow boat to Luang Prabang in Laos Matt shared a story of a girl that used to talk to him in baby talk. Instead of calling him Matthew she called him “Mattchoo” which turned into “Choo Choo” and she spoke to him in baby talk all the time. I thought this was utterly hilarious and I peed in my pants multiple times. I just couldn’t get this story out of my head. So I decided to change the idea to incorporate his Baby talk Choo Choo story.

The only problem now is I can’t look at Matt any other way than Choo Choo.

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