10th of 12 short movies: “One Language”

My 10th short movie out of 12 this year was shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia called “One Language.” What if the world converted to one language. The language of Dance.


Malaysia and Thailand in Video

One of my fellow remotes, Laura Pounds, does a video montage every month of our Remote Year group experience. They are rad.  Here are the past 2 months in Malaysia and Thailand. Only 2 more months to go…

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: MONTH 9

Chiang Mai, Thailand: MONTH 10

Chiang Mai, Thailand Crib with Patty Pat Pat

It’s my 10th month for this year in Chiang Mai, Thailand and here’s my monthly tour of my accommodations in Remote Year. I had my own room in a longer stay hotel and it had all the basics. In Thailand there are a lot of Lady Boys which is why Lady Boy Patty Pat Pat is going to give you a tour of his monthly apartment. Only 2 months left of Remote Year!