11th of 12 Short Movies: “Choo Choo”

My 11th short movie out of 12 this year was shot in two Countries Laos and Thailand called “Choo Choo.” My friend Matt starred in it and we based it on a true story that he experienced. I’ll explain more after you watch it so it doesn’t give any of the story away.


Originally Matt and I traveled to Chaing Rai, Thailand to shoot a scene at the amazing White Temple. The short was originally called “The White Monk” and was going to be an action movie. But after Chaing Rai we realized we were right at the border of Laos and made a last minute trip there. While we were on a two day slow boat to Luang Prabang in Laos Matt shared a story of a girl that used to talk to him in baby talk. Instead of calling him Matthew she called him “Mattchoo” which turned into “Choo Choo” and she spoke to him in baby talk all the time. I thought this was utterly hilarious and I peed in my pants multiple times. I just couldn’t get this story out of my head. So I decided to change the idea to incorporate his Baby talk Choo Choo story.

The only problem now is I can’t look at Matt any other way than Choo Choo.


Malaysia and Thailand in Video

One of my fellow remotes, Laura Pounds, does a video montage every month of our Remote Year group experience. They are rad.  Here are the past 2 months in Malaysia and Thailand. Only 2 more months to go…

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: MONTH 9

Chiang Mai, Thailand: MONTH 10

Chiang Mai, Thailand Crib with Patty Pat Pat

It’s my 10th month for this year in Chiang Mai, Thailand and here’s my monthly tour of my accommodations in Remote Year. I had my own room in a longer stay hotel and it had all the basics. In Thailand there are a lot of Lady Boys which is why Lady Boy Patty Pat Pat is going to give you a tour of his monthly apartment. Only 2 months left of Remote Year!

Toilets in SouthEast Asia.

Malls in Asia. They are everywhere. They love their malls at least in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are Mall crazy like teeny boppers at a Taylor Swift concert.

So I’m at a coffee shop in a mall. And nature calls after lunch and a cup of coffee. So I go to the mall restroom. I open the stall door and I stare. It’s not what I was expecting. There is a hole in the ground and foot print marks to show where you need to squat. I just stare at it as I debate using it because  I got to go number two. There is no toilet paper. There is just a hose to wash your butt when you are done. There’s nothing to dry your butt off with either. So I guess you walk around with a wet ass afterward. I’m looking at it  and trying to think how this works. I debate it back and forth in my head to try it and have a unique experience that takes me out of my comfort zone. And then I’m like nahhhhhh, I can’t do this. I walk home 15 minutes to use my hotel bathroom and think to myself. Yep I’m in Asia.

Here’s a pic of the bathroom in the mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The pic above is in a bathroom for a restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You will see some normal toilets for westerners in SouthEast Asia but just be aware that the stories of the hole toilets are real.