9th of 12 Short films: “Dear Adriana”

My 9th short film out of 12 this year was shot in Split, Croatia called “Dear Adriana.” Since I was living by the Adriatic sea for a month I wanted to write something incorporating the sea. So I created a little thriller movie. This is a story of a man and his relationship with the Adriatic sea. 9 little movies down and 3 more to go.


Split, Croatia Crib with Capt. Ripped Pants.

It’s my 8th month for this year in Croatia, Split and here’s my monthly tour of my accommodations in Remote Year. This was one of my favorite apartments here and it had an amazing view of the beach from the 13th floor. In Split we were finally by the sea which is why Captain Ripped Pants will be giving this tour with a spatula as his hook.  Only 4 months left!


Belgrade Crib with Serbian Patrick

Here’s a tour of my monthly Crib in Belgrade, Serbia. This is another nice apartment I’ve stayed in so far with Remote Year. I had two roommates and we rock paper scissored for the best room with a sweet balcony. I came in last place and got the room that had a view of a cement wall. In Serbia they smoke everywhere and I mean everywhere. So Serbian Patrick will give you this tour while he smokes 800 cigarettes.