Toilets in SouthEast Asia.

Malls in Asia. They are everywhere. They love their malls at least in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are Mall crazy like teeny boppers at a Taylor Swift concert.

So I’m at a coffee shop in a mall. And nature calls after lunch and a cup of coffee. So I go to the mall restroom. I open the stall door and I stare. It’s not what I was expecting. There is a hole in the ground and foot print marks to show where you need to squat. I just stare at it as I debate using it because  I got to go number two. There is no toilet paper. There is just a hose to wash your butt when you are done. There’s nothing to dry your butt off with either. So I guess you walk around with a wet ass afterward. I’m looking at it  and trying to think how this works. I debate it back and forth in my head to try it and have a unique experience that takes me out of my comfort zone. And then I’m like nahhhhhh, I can’t do this. I walk home 15 minutes to use my hotel bathroom and think to myself. Yep I’m in Asia.

Here’s a pic of the bathroom in the mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The pic above is in a bathroom for a restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You will see some normal toilets for westerners in SouthEast Asia but just be aware that the stories of the hole toilets are real.



3 thoughts on “Toilets in SouthEast Asia.

  1. I love that you refer to Western toilets as “normal”, ha ha. I think folks who use squat toilets might think ours are a bit strange…sitting your naked but where many other naked buttstock have sat…kinda gross if you think about it. Anyway, you should really give it a try. I used squat toilets all the time when I traveled through India and southeast Asia. If nothing else, it led to some of my most memorable moments 😉

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  2. hey! squat toilets have been around longer than western ones. they’re a lot more beneficial for your health too. but still i hate them. it’s so gross — splash back, pee in your pants, and it makes your dick smaller, so you can’t really masturbate.


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