Santorini gave me a hand with Romance.


Santorini, Greece is one of the most beautiful and romantic places I have ever been in my life.  Which is why I brought an old flame to this island of love. I’ve been on and off with Palmela since I was a teenager and we somehow always end up with each other. She can be a handful at times but all in all I wouldn’t want to be on this island of romance with anyone else.


Santorini has some of the most gorgeous sunsets you’ve ever seen. So we started our romantic getaway by going to the northern part of the island called Oai which is known for the best sunsets on the island and possibly the world. Damnnnnn! Get ready to cry with all the gorgeousness happening around you, which made my little lady Palmela putty in my hands.


Romance had just begun especially after Palmela saw the AirBnb we were staying in. Welcome to the love palace. The place used to be a wine cellar that they transformed into a house. And Palmela loves wine so I knew this would a cherry on the sunset. Her black marker eyes grew wider as she was blown away and it just made me more intoxicated in love with her.

We went to Kamari beach the next day. It’s called the Black beach because the sand is made from black volcanic rocks. This place was rad you get a little beach bed and they bring you drinks and food as the sun smothers you with kisses. And Palmela smothered me with kisses too as our dormant love began erupting again. There is no other gal I would rather do a pathetic duck face selfie with.

For dinner we had romance served on platter in the form of another gorgeous sunset and Volkan local beer. As I stared at Palmela we spoke in unspoken sunset talk. Which is basically, “booyyyyyyyy you soooo crazy I want to have your baby!!!” I was like slow down girl, let’s just enjoy the sea bass and as I stared at her I wondered is this the one. Are we going to grow old and have hand babies together with cute little baby hand mittens? Is this island all we really needed.


That night we went into Fira, the main part of town, and we put down shots of Uzo and drafts of Myros. Palmela was dancing on the bar. That girl can dance. And then I remembered why we never worked out. She started to peeing on the bar. She started to makeout with strangers and I just laughed at how stupid I was thinking that we could have little hand babies together as she’s high fiving any dude around her.  This is both of us waking up faded from a wild night of uzo and beer.


Our last day was on a sunset cruise. We saw the red and white beaches and bathed in the volcanic hot spots. And we talked. And as beautiful as our love started it faded away like every sunset on beautiful Santorini. But every sunset turns out beautiful because as our love set I met another girl on the boat, her name was Alhandra…


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