More Andy in The Park in Cordoba

Andy in the Park is my friend Andy in Parks around the world pondering things. These are some more ponderings from Cordoba, Argentina. Hopefully we get some more parks as we travel this year. Here’s three of them.

STREET DOGS: There are a lot of street dogs in Cordoba and Andy realizes people should treat them with more respect.

WRINKLED SHIRT: The main reason we started Andy in the Park is because one day in wine country in Mendoza I commented on Andy’s wrinkled shirt and said it looked like a wrinkled ballsack. Which made us decide to do this. Originally I wasn’t going to share the wrinkled shirt one because it wasn’t commentary on where we were traveling. But screw it we haven’t done another country again yet…so here it is anyways.

BIDETS: The originally Andy in the Park we did 4 months ago about Andy thinking of Bidets in South America and why they exist. Still think it’s a very insightful Andy thought.


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