Why do the Brits say “Cheerio”?

While I was writing my overview blog post for London. I became curious where in the world “Cheerio” came from to say goodbye. It makes no sense. And then I was like what came first the London Cheerio or Cheerios the cereal? Which made me want to become super intelligent and learn both these things so I could impress girls with my Cheerio knowledge. And now you too will become a genius in the Cheerio Realm too.

LONDON CHEERIO: London uses Cheerio to say goodbye.

The word originates from the  17th and 18th centuries in England when people were transported by sedan chairs instead of taxis. A sedan chair is an enclosed chair that has two poles on each side that two porters carry. You would stand at an open door or window of your house and call for one much like a taxi by calling out “Chair ho!” So “Chair ho!” became associated with people leaving to go somewhere else. And over time “Chair Ho!” turned into “Cheerio.”


However this does make me imagine a medieval gangsta rap with Porters rapping “Chair Ho” and the girls or the chair “Ho’s” are fanning themselves in inappropriate ways while they have tea and eat tiny cakes. And the porters are just rapping, “Chair Ho! Chair Ho! Walking down the street with my Chair Ho!! Chair Ho!”  I guess I just don’t get the “Ho” part. Probably means go or something, but I’m not googling that for you lazy bastards, do it yourself and leave the answer in the comments. Or better yet, help me write verses for a “Chair Ho” rap that I might actually make by leaving verses in the comments.

CHEERIOS THE CEREAL: I absolutely loved Cheerios growing up, I think it was my favorite cereal for sure. Or it was the one cereal that my mother would buy all the time and it was forced on me. Cheerios was introduced in 1941 and was originally called CheeriOats. But Quaker Oats said the “Oats” in the name infringed on their trademark. Instead of dealing with legal stuff they decided to change the name to Cheerios in 1945 to avoid any court mumbo jumbo.



Well that’s it. I’m sure you feel like a genius now. Till next time, Cheerio.


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