The Forgotten Thank You

You see these two people. They are Travis and Sam. They are my adult camp counselors for traveling Remote year this year. They get shit on everyday by 60+ people from accommodations, wifi, travel, etc. They are our toilet of frustration. And its their job so seriously don’t feel to bad for them because they are traveling the world and getting paid for it, pretty cool. But feel a little bad because shit sometimes gets clogged in the toilet and it overflows and is just nasty at times. And I’m not trying to say I don’t take fat shits on them too. I try to control it but anyone that is supposed to be in control of your life is gonna be shit on. As humans we are horrible in that way. We just love to shit on things. Anyone in charge of anything from parents, bosses, etc gets shit on. Some deserve the avalanche of piled up kaka. But others are really trying to do the best they can. Yet we poop on them. Because as humans we all act like we are perfect when really at times we are just a piece of shit.

Don’t believe it, have kids.  Change their diapers and then in 15 years expect ungrateful teenage shits on your head. I don’t have kids, how would I know? I know this because I was a little shit. Sorry Mom and Dad, Karma is gonna be a bitch when I have a lil shit. I’m not saying we perpetually live a shitty life but we vent like this. First world problems for sure.

I try hard not to bitch and shit on them. But it’s inevitable. It’s human. So this blog post is a Thank You to my human toilets for the year.Hopefully I’ll take the time to say thank you more than shit on you.

THANK YOU TRAVIS AND SAM: Thank you Travis and Sam. You’ve made my experience amazing so far this year. Are you perfect? Fuck, no. Because perfect doesn’t exist. I just want to know you are trying your best to make this year the best year of all of our lives. And that I can say you are perfect on.

Thank you guys. It’s not said enough.


P.S.: Mom and Dad this is to you too. Love you more than Travis and Sam. Sorry Sam and Travis but not really because my parents are radder and have put up with me for over 30+ years instead of 5 months. And Travis and Sam never changed my diapers, however if they want me to put on adult diapers I can make that shit happen.


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