My lil Guinea Pig went to market and got eaten.

What might be your pet Guinea pig that you dress up in the States. Is someone’s dinner in Peru. Fortunately I’ve never had a Guinea Pig for a pet because I’d have dressed it up in a tuxedo and would have probably hated me. They call Guinea Pig “Cuy” in Peru so that name helps with the weirdness that you are eating your friends pet. But ultimately I had to try the Guinea Pig because it was all up in my face the whole time I was in Cusco.

You walk the open markets and there’s Guinea Pig’s all over the place roasted in front of you ready to sell. You can’t escape it.

There are a lot of Guinea Pig Farms in Peru. They don’t need a lot of room like cows and other livestock and the reproduce really quickly. Which makes Guinea pigs a money maker. Imagine a guinea pig in a 3 piece suit smoking a cigar with a monocle. They are that rich.

Guinea Pigs are so popular they are on tourist T-shirts, dolls and more. They are even made into a big float character for parades. This one is apparently holding a goblet of beer getting wasted.


Now it’s time to go eat Guinea Pig. My friend researched the most popular Guinea Pig Restaurant which is Pachapapa and went with a couple friends who we referred to as “The Guinea Pig Destroyers!” Apparently we felt we needed a bad ass name to grub on a tiny creature.

They bring the Guinea Pig out Full. So you can take pictures like a tourist. Wow, this thing looks scary like a miniature T-rex. Roaaarrrrrr! I actually feel a little bad for this T-Rex Monster almost as if he’s screaming for us not to eat him. Sorry dude you are already roasted…

They then said they’d chop it up and asked if we preferred it with or without the head. We said go headless because the head was staring at us and made us feel guilty for ending it’s life and eating it. So Headless please.


What the hell does a Guinea Pig taste like? For starters they are high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol. Wow, a wonder meat. But only problem is I’m wondering where all the meat is at. There isn’t a lot of meat at all. Apparently these pigs of Guinea have been hitting the treadmill because they are super slim on the meat. People say it tastes similar to rabbit and dark meat chicken which I find pretty accurate.


Also the waiter brought out the head of the guinea pig…..Stop looking at me guinea pig!!! I’m trying to eat your body….. Then I got lost in the guinea pigs eyess…as I ate his body in front of him. I recommend not eating a guinea pig with it’s head looking at you. Not great.

Would I eat a Guinea Pig again. No. Not because it was bad. It was just underwhelming. I had built them up in my belly’s mind that they were going to be something grander than they were. But it ended up being much like the pet Guinea Pig in the states something no one really gives a crap about.



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