Bob and Mary: Buenos Aires

Welcome to another Adventure of Bob and Mary as they take in beautiful Buenos Aires. Bob is a grumpy goat guy and Mary is an uptight lovely lady.


Mary: This man looks sooo sad.

Bob: You’d be sad too if birds shat on your head all day.



Mary: Why is that guy standing on a tall pole.

Bob: Mary, I have no clue. Why are you asking me stupid questions?

Mary: Wow, that is so rude Bob. REALLY uncalled for.

Bob: I know why he is there now. So he can get couples to argue for no damn reason.



Bob: Why on earth would they show a picture of Evita eating a sandwich on a building? Was she an avid sandwich eater or something.

Mary: It’s a microphone Bob.

Bob: Oh. That makes a lot more sense.



Mary: Wow the US has one of those in DC.

Bob: Do you think it’s the same one and if you go in you can teleport from city to city.

Mary: No.

Bob: I miss the days when we could dream together Mary.



Mary: Bob, why don’t we paint our house pink like this?

Bob: Because we ain’t Barbie and we don’t live in Malibu.

Mary: We should really consider moving to Malibu.



Mary: We both thought this was Theater Colon.

Bob: But we went in and it was a court house and we felt like idiots.



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