3rd of 12 Short Films: “The Salt Flat People”

My third shirt film of 12 this year is shot in the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. It is called, “The Salt Flat People.” It’s about a guy who finds himself in a weird place that is all salt and meets a Salt Flat person.

Want to give a big thanks to my two actors Matt S and Jonathan. Especially Jonathon who had white shit smeared all over his body and took days to get off.


This short film was very difficult mainly because I was very sick in Bolivia. I had a basic idea of the Salt Flat people that I could shoot in the Uyuni Salt flats. However, I tried to write a script when I was sick and read it the next day and it was giant piece of smoking shit. So I decided to work around being sick and I shot footage based on a loose story structure and a variety of facial expressions from my actors and then wrote the script after. Also I made them speak through their minds since the wind in the salt flats was unforgiving so I could write anything I wanted for my actors to say. I do not recommend this process as script ideas died after this because I just didn’t have the right footage. However, I did work around being sick and have something that looks gorgeous and is a different style than I usually do which means it’s not comedy. So don’t expect giggles and the feeling of being tickled. If you want that you should tickle yourself while watching it. If you do tickle yourself while watching please take pictures of it and send them to me as I will cherish them like a newborn baby.




3 Films down and 9 more to go this year.




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