A Very Belated Adios Buenos Aires.

This post is long overdue since I left Buenos Aires in the beginning of May, but I was sick for an eternity in Bolivia so I’m giving myself some slack on catch up on my blog. Without further ado here’s my Buenos Aires adios.

I’ve been to Buenos Aires twice before. 4 days for vacation and for 2 weeks on a Commercial Shoot for Taco Bell about a year ago. We flew to Buenos Aires to shoot two commercials and one of them was of beautiful men. Argentina has plenty of beautiful men which also translates into them having plenty of beautiful women too, hallelujah in Spanish which is hallelujahoo. If you are interested in checking out the commercial we shot a year ago in BA it’s below, it mocks dudes with their shirts off. I’m in the commercial too, if you are a girl I’m the guy you think is the hottest.

Since I’ve already been to BA and I just spent a month in another Argentina city, Cordoba. I decided to use this month to work a lot and took in multiple freelance jobs. So I didn’t have the luxury of doing side trips that I wanted like Patagonia, Iguazza falls, etc that my remote year friends did. Check out my friends pics below that make me so jealous of them that I considered not even liking their Facebook posts…but their pics were soooo good that I had no choice but to like the hell out of their pics. I’m so jealous of their eyeball experience.

But I can’t go see all these wonderful side trips unless I got some Squirrels named Benjamin in my pockets. This is a squirrel named Benjamin. “Hello my name is Benjamin. And I’m the dictator of Patrick’s side trips. He’s my lil silly bitch.”


But I still took in a lot of amazing things. And being able to go to a Café in a foreign country and work is still very very amazing experience and I appreciate it greatly. Buenos Aires is a city you can live in. It feels very European and has the same comfortable feeling of a big city like LA or NY.

FUERTA BRAUZA: Wow. Wow. Amazing. A visual extravaganza for your eyes. This was our first weekend here and the show was amaze balls. A mix of Cirques Ol and mixed with insanity. A visual spectacular from Argentina that is now being shown around the world.

GRAFFITI TOUR: Wow. The Graffiti/Street Art scene here is rad. I went on a graffiti tour of the city and it was amazing. I’m planning to do a separate blog post just on the Graffiti here soon but here is a couple pics to wet your beautiful street art appetitive.

LA BOCA: Beautiful colorful area in BA where the houses are painted pastel colors. The place is full of life and where I shot my opening scenes for my short film I shot in BA.



STATUES: BA has epic statues on every corner. A BA official approached me about resurrecting a statue of me because of the dance moves I’ve been showcasing in the clubs. The statue will be called “Gringo Bailar.” I turned down the statue though because I would hate birds taking shits on my head everyday. Here’s a statue pic in BA of how I would of posed.


BIKE TOUR: Went on a bike tour of the city and it rained all over me. Actually it rained 90% of the time I was in BA which kinda sucked and this bike pic helps represent how I felt about it.


WOMENS BRIDGE: This is the women’s bridge. It’s a bad ass bridge. But why is it called the women’s bridge when it looks like it’s got a big ass boner sticking out of it. And by the way this wasn’t me saying it had a boner, this was a local that was a woman. So don’t get all high and mighty and call me perverted Peter because I said a bridge has a boner.


THE PINK HOUSE: American’s have the white house. The Argentine’s have the Pink House. Why did they paint it pink? The reason I found from wikipedia is that the current president of the time was a big fan of the cartoon strawberry shortcake. That’s also completely made up because no one is a fan of that cartoon because there is no real plot and the voice actors sucked, not that I ever watched it. I did a little research and found no reason of why it’s pink. Why is ours white?


BIG ASS FLOWER: There’s a giant flower that opens during the day and closes at night. It was pretty impressive.


WILD BEAST OF MEN: I told myself that I needed to workout more. So I created a group called “The Wild Beasts of Men.” We all had to get headbands. And then we’d find the stupidest workouts we could find and go do it. My attempt of trying to make working out fun. I did Zumba, Hip Hop dancing with 12 year olds (we didn’t know this was a 12-year-old class), something like Cross fit that wasn’t fun and beat the shit out of me and I did Yoga for the first time. However, it was a spiritual yoga and we spent half the time laying down with a blanket on us and humming. I fell asleep twice and snored but it was amazing and so relaxing. Little did I know that next month in Bolivia I was gonna do another workout to lose weight called, “shitting my pants and vomiting non stop.”

BA PARTIES TO THE BREAK OF DAWN: Buenos Aires parties to the break of dawn. So I ate late night hot dogs for 30 pesos a lot at 3am. Their hotdogs are not good, they are soft and put weird crap on it with potato sticks on top. However, when you are drunk and nothing else is available you think these things taste like an angel making love to your mouth. The Angel’s name is Charlene and she’s delicate and full of mustard and ketchup.


SHORT FILM #2 of 12: OPEN MIKE: Working a lot and still pulling off a short film was a lot more difficult than I imagined. There were moments where I was like shit, am I going to be able to do it. But shit, I did. I had a window when I had a couple days off at the end of the month that I pulled it together. I shot it the last week in BA and edited it in Bolivia. Here’s a link to it if you haven’t seen it: Open Mike.

Open Mike

A very belated Adios Buenos Aires.

And Hola to La Paz, Bolivia making me it’s bitch. Which I need to write a blog post saying go screw yourself Bolivia I’m leaving for my next post. Because Bolivia made me it’s bitch


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