The Adventures of Bob and Mary.

I’d like to introduce you to two special friends of mine. They are Bob and Mary. A Goat and a Llama that are traveling with me and are going to be in pictures along the way. Bob and Mary are a couple so please don’t hit on any of them to lead them astray from their loved one. Mary is an uptight Llama and Bob is a curmudgeon of a Goat. Both are lovely.


NEw grapes in back

Mary: Hi, I’m Mary. I’m a Llama and I love Bob.

Bob: Hi, I’m Bob. And I’m a goat and I love Mary more when I’m drinking wine.


Mary: Oh Bob, I wish we got married in a church like this. It’s so beautiful.

Bob: Yeah, its a lot nicer than my mothers garage.


Bob: Dear God, if I created a clone of Mary and I hooked up with the clone would it be considered cheating or not?

Mary: Dear God, can you help Bob be taller than me. Not being able to wear heels sucks.


Mary: These are all the people that got kidnapped when Argentina had a bad dictatorship. It’s super sad.

Bob: Screw Dictatorships, they are a just a bunch of dicks.


Mary: Trees got sweaters here?

Bob: Oh my this must be so embarrassing for the trees. I see the shame in dogs eyes when they wear those stupid sweaters. These must be the trees that suck at giving shade so they are shamed with sweaters.


Mary: Oh my look at that underwear model ad, but there’s only one guy in his underwear, I guess they are sexist here too.

Bob: Ohh, I never even saw those girls in underwear, I was looking at the panda bear. Thanks for pointing out such a sexist ad that I never saw…till you pointed it out.


Bob: Why are the trash can’s never on the ground here.

Mary: Bob, I don’t know. Do you think i’m a damn Trash Can specialist.


Mary: This is a famous Argentina singer.

Bob: He looks like Hulk Hogan but not like him, if that makes any sense.


Bob: Why is it always statues of horses? Why not a goat or a panda bear wearing women’s underwear sometime?

Mary: Because horses are majestic stalions. I dated a horse in college. His name was Roger. And he used to do nude modeling for extra cash at colleges.



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