Wild Beasts of Men.

I have started a workout group called “Wild Beasts of Men.” I have collected the wildest beasts of Men that I could find and we are going to find the stupidest workouts in Buenos Aires, Argentina on our workout pass (Clickypass) like Twerking class, pole dancing class, Zumba etc. And we are going to go and dominate as we try to understand Spanish workout instructions! Lets see if there are any differences in working out in Argentina!

We bought headbands because we are rad. Now we are an awesome posse of sweating kings. Now we need to buy short shorts, some bright long socks and some shirt that makes your momma scream. But we need a logo for our shirts of “Wild Beasts of Men.” Damnnnn we need to design a logo or something to put on a shirt! So Argentina knows who they are dealing with, the Wildest, the beastest of men!!!

We started our workout crew out with Zumba. And we thought we were bringing the jokes. But no. The joke was on us. Zumba is no joke! It was an intense one hour workout. My headband was still sweaty the next day. I absolutely loved it. I don’t think the hot ass Argentina girls behind me loved it as much as I did but oh well. The instructor was intense and hot as hell as she had dance moves for days.


I wanted to do at least 2 workouts a week but my wild beasts of men pushed me for more. And the next day I was doing something called functional workout, it had elements of cross fit. And it was not fun and it was not stupid. This shit was serious and it was great that I was sweating so much that you couldn’t tell that I was fucking crying like a lil bitch! Wow, I was made to be a little Sally Struthers. Anhton and Tom, my friends in Remote Year,  dominated me in this and I’ve given up my throne as the king of the wild beasts as I’m more the bitch of the wild beasts after that workout.  Our instructor was one of the owners of the gym, Pablo and his wife. He was very disappointed in my ass sucking workout. And called me Jack Black the whole time where I proceeded to pretend to play a sad song on my fake guitar.


Get Wild! Get Beastly! With the Wild Beasts of Men!



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