Graffiti Talks to Me

I really dig graffiti and I love to check out the different styles in other countries. So I’m going to post a collection of graffiti I find in each place I visit. Cordoba didn’t have a whole lot but I found some. I’m sure Buenos Aires will have a lot more.

Also I have a serious problem of making inanimate things talk. So I’m going to make some graffiti I find talk with a video series called “Graffiti talks to me.” So I’ll pick a piece I dig and put some voices and a stupid story to it.

So here’s the first of “Graffiti Talks to Me” called Baby Spaceman in Cordoba, Argentina. I pass this Graffiti every time I walk to the co-working space. However I never noticed that there was a little Space Man on the girls hair till a friend pointed it out to me.

Some other Graffiti I found in Cordoba. Unfortunately there weren’t a whole lot but I’ve been told Buenos Aires has a lot so I’m looking forward to that.


I walked by this piece a lot and never even noticed this one till someone pointed it out. Simple piece drawing a smile and using the windows as eyes



But the Best was the Baby Spaceman and Concrete Vampire.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.41.38 AM

Looking forward to seeing what Buenos Aires has especially since I signed up for a Graffiti walking tour.



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