Call me Mr. Mozzarella


This Saturday, 75 people gathered to hear how we are going to live our lives together for a year. We saw a video from Remote Year 1 advising us on Remote Year 3. One bit of advice really stuck with me. I absolutely loved it and it sums up what I want my experience on this journey.

“If you don’t like hiking. Go Hiking. If you don’t like dancing. Go dancing.”

Basically push your personal boundaries and grow. Sounds cheesy when I write it. But call me Mr. Mozzarella then because this boy is doing the string cheese dance this year.

Travis one of our leaders on Remote Year, basically our adult camp counselor, wrote a song and put all 75 people’s names in it. And it was rad. “It’s the beginning of Remote year as we know it.”


After Orientation we took a van 45 minutes out of town to a river.

We drank. We swam. We talked. We bonded.

Beach sand.jpg

Fernet and Coca-Cola with Ice is a very popular drink in Cordoba, Argentina. Not everyone likes it. It’s interesting to say the least. I like it especially when I’m enjoying my third one.

Beach fernet.jpg

Here’s all 75 of us in a picture. (word on the street is that there is only 72)

Remote year group.jpg


Then we went to a dinner by a lake and it was a gorgeous view. It even made me look like an angel, I now plan to star in toilet paper commercials leaving millions of baby soft babies out of work. It’s a harsh world babies, it’s harsh.

Sat food view.JPG

Beach food.jpg

A fellow remote is a DJ and made everyone tear it up on the dance floor. Mr. Mozzarella did that string cheese dance and even the lactose intolerant people loved it.

Sat Dance.JPG

We smuggled wine back on the van home. On the way back I might have been drunk. And I might have mooned other vans. Someone else might have mooned other vans too. And sadly we found out it was to dark and our moons went in vain.

I’ll end with a cheesy quote from Mr. Mozzarella.

“I’m blessed. I’m grateful. And this year I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone. So I can do the string cheese dance all year long. ”

Actually that’s not really a quote but who’s really reading this blog anyways. Animal Fart.

Hi mom!






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