99 ATMs. And money ain’t in 1.


It took me two days and 11 ATMs later to actually get cash out. I want to spend money in your country and I can’t. Especially when most places don’t take credit cards. Apparently this is very common in Argentina nowadays. There never is money in ATMs. I mean hardly ever.

And when there is money a que lines up for half a block till it empties.

ATM que

Their cash has been fluctuating a lot and people are making mad dashes and super long lines for the ATMs.

However The exchange rate is amazing. 15 pesos to one US dollar. So everything feels like it’s half price out here. So you can get a bad ass steak dinner with as much wine as you can swim in for about $20 US.

Here’s some Argentina Dolla Bills for you to check out. A bunch of old dudes and a hot lady. I’m thinking Evita but I’m the worst historian in the world so I’m probably wrong.

Arg Money


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